The ToothScout:

  • Contains all tooth molds

  • Helps to find the right mold for your patients' anterior and posterior teeth

  • Shows all anterior teeth, appropriately arranged with the gingiva

  • Email all data to your dental laboratory or orders the molds directly

  • Can include photo of your patient to send with tooth order to lab

The Candulor ToothScout is a useful tool for dentists, denturists, dental technicians and patients. It assists the user in selecting the suitable teeth for attractive, natural looking dentures that, most importantly, suit the individual patient. After all, aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking dentures ahve never been more important.

The harmony between face and teeth is the decisive factor for beauty and charisma. This harmony is a measurable dimension and can be found in the proportions of the width of the alinasal and the positioning of the canines.

Here's how it's done!

Measure the width of the alinasal, in millimeters, using a Sliding Calipers (for example 39,3 mm)

The ToothScout immediately shows you a selection of suggested tooth molds. The tooth molds can either be ordered directly by telephone, or the information - such as the patient's name and photo, width of the alinasal and the anterior and posterior tooth molds and shade - can be forwarded via email.

Each crafted denture gets more beautiful and more individual for the patient when the dental technician has as much information as possible on hand.

Candulor ToothScout

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